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2008 Chevy Aveo
84,659 KM

2011 Mercedes-Benz
130,955 KM

2013 Ford Mustang
76,237 KM

2013 Ford Fusion
85,381 KM

2014 Toyota Tacoma
13,463 KM

2010 Chevy Tahoe
119,099 KM

2015 Chrysler Town & Country
26,110 KM

2015 Chevy Camaro
18,035 KM

2012 Ford Escape
64,360 KM

2011 Honda Accord
84,325 KM

2009 Ford Mustang
19,507 KM

2015 BMW 325i
7,000 KM

2011 BMW X5
91,554 KM

2011 Acura MDX
110,332 KM

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